8/2019 Eskom Support, ILO Centenary and BBC Meeting

Dear Members and Colleagues

1. Eskom Support

A BUSA leadership team met with President Ramaphosa and Minister Gordhan at short notice last week. The focus of the discussion was on urgent interventions to avert loadshedding and mitigate the impact to business and the economy. The meeting agreed to set up an engagement platform between business and government on the short-term challenges facing Eskom. Included under the scope of such engagement is the deployment of expertise to Eskom in the spirit of ‘thuma mina’; as well as how to improve transparency and communication to business on energy supply.


  • Members may recall the membership communication (December 2018) to the effect that AT Kearney was working pro bono on a proposal to enable the deployment of private sector expertise to the public sector on energy, water and transport.
  • In parallel, we have also been engaging with ASISA and BASA as well as the NBI, in the development of the Jobs Summit agreement on TAMDEV for the deployment of skilled individuals into key areas of need in government.


Given the challenges facing Eskom, we will be rapidly progressing the private sector expertise deployment framework in this regard. This will bring together the above two streams of work so that private sector parties that want to make a contribution are able to do so within a structured, transparent and aligned framework. In the meantime, any parties wanting to volunteer support should contact Energy and Environment Manager Jarredine.Morris@busa.org.za , who will be able to provide guidance on what information is required.


2. ILO Centenary

In celebration of the ILO Centenary, the ILO will be broadcasting from across the globe on the future of work tomorrow. In South Africa, the event will be combined with the 100 centenary of former president Nelson Mandela’s birth. The SA 1 hr broadcast takes place at 9h00 tomorrow morning and will be televised across the globe. BUSA will represent business on the tripartite panel.


3. BUSA BBC Leadership Team Meeting

An 8-a-side team from the BUSA Board met late last week with the BBC national office-bearers. The meeting was chaired by the Presidents of each organisation.  The meeting was cordial and constructive, with both organisations aligned on matters such as:

  • The benefits of speaking together or more coherently on urgent issues facing the economy, especially with government
  • The need to urgently accelerate transformation and meaningful participation of black people and small business in the economy
  • The need to play an active part in building public trust by encouraging ethical conduct and leadership in business and society in general
  • The negative impact of corruption and state capture on the economy and the functioning of the state.

The value of business unity was acknowledged by all present. It was recognised that regardless of whether or not BBC chooses to re-join BUSA, it needs to exist in order to pursue its defined membership proposition. It was also generally agreed that collaboration, where possible, is beneficial.


In order to develop possible options on how to collaborate more effectively, a 4-a-side BUSA team will be meeting with a 4-a-side BBC team. Terms of reference for the 4-a-side will be established. In addition, a joint media statement regarding the meeting will be released by the organisations. This will be published on the BUSA website once released.