5/2019 IFC (World Bank Group) engagement, SME Working Group, Energy, Social Policy, Trade & Welcome to Cheryl James

Dear Colleagues and Members,


1. IFC Engagement on Investment Policy and Promotion, 20 March 2019

The International Finance Corporation (IFC, a member of the World Bank Group) will be presenting their work on Investment Policy and Promotion in South Africa to BUSA on Wednesday 20 March 2019, from 13h30 to 15h00 at the BUSA offices (arrival from 13h00 for a light lunch).


The intention of the meeting will be to afford the IFC an opportunity to present their draft and use this to understand members’ perspectives on the cross-cutting and sector specific barriers to investment. This session is a follow up to the engagement with the IFC and World Bank co-hosted by BUSA in 2018, and it builds on the work done in the lead up to the Investment Conference and various sector engagements including those under the PPGI.


Members are invited to attend this meeting. Should you be interested in attending, please indicate your interest in writing to Oilivier.Serrao@busa.org.za  by no later than 12:00 on Monday, 18 March 2019. Given space limitations, attendance will be restricted to two representatives per member, on a first-come-first-served basis. BUSA will however, give consideration to ensuring an appropriate balance of sectors are represented.


2. SME Working Group

The next meeting of the BUSA SME working group will take place on 17 April 2019, 14h00-16h00. Joseph.Mtolo@busa.org.za will be sending out the meeting information shortly. If you are not on this working group, but wish to attend, please do make contact with Joseph directly.


3. IRP and Eskom Engagements

Following the distribution of the revised IRP to Nedlac constituents, a process has commenced for BUSA to collate member input in order to respond thereto. There is considerable concern with the revised version. The trade-off between ensuring the content is fit-for-purpose, and the requirement of a final IRP for certainty is being carefully navigated by the team under the auspices of the energy subcommittee.


In relation to Eskom, the BUSA team, led by Vice President, Martin Kingston, submitted a comprehensive position to the special Nedlac Exco. BUSA will be following up shortly with a supplementary input based on the feedback received from members in the subcommittee.


4. Social Policy

  • Labour Relations Stability Code

Members are please to take note of the publication late December 2018 of Labour Relations Code on collective bargaining, industrial action and picketing. Members are encouraged to advise their employers of the contents thereof as there are a number of very influential and labour stability promoting provisions. The Code has been distributed through Socpol.


  • National Minimum Wage

BUSA will shortly be calling for feedback from members on their experiences with implementation and the exemption system for review at the upcoming Socpol meeting.


  • Future of Work

Through Socpol, BUSA has consolidated input from members in response to the ILO Global Commission Report on the future of work and has submitted this to SADC Private Sector Forum, and will shortly be forwarding it to the ILO.


5. Trade & Cooperation

As you may recall, BUSA underwent a restructuring during the latter part of 2018 and created, among others, the post of Executive Director: Trade & Cooperation with a view to resourcing BUSA’s policy work on trade and international cooperation. The post is as yet vacant following an unsuccessful attempt to fill the post. BUSA nevertheless intends to fill the post and will be re-embarking on an interview process with a view to adequately capacitating BUSA’s policy and cooperation work in this area. As an interim measure in order to ensure continuity on the trade policy work, Tinashe Kapuye has been contracted on a temporary basis as a trade consultant to BUSA.


6. Welcome to Cheryl James of GIZ

The German international cooperation and support agency (GIZ) has seconded Cheryl.James@busa.org.za  to BUSA for a limited period in order to support work on skills development within BUSA and the SADC private sector. Cheryl will be focusing on the BUSA skills agenda, skills related initiatives arising out of the Jobs Summit and SADC Private Sector Forum skills related matters. We wish to welcome Cheryl to the BUSA team and wish her well in the role.