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BUSA appeals to SA business to mobilise and assist in Cyclone Idai relief efforts

25 March 2019

Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) calls on business to enjoin the humanitarian efforts currently underway in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) following the devastating effects of Cyclone Idai.   Parts of SADC States Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe have been left devasted in the aftermath of the cyclone. On behalf of […]

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25 March 2019

BUSA appeals to SA business to mobilise and assist in Cyclone Idai relief efforts

8 March 2019

BUSA CEO remarks at ILO and IOE International Women’s Day event in Geneva

7 March 2019

BUSA comment on NERSA approval of Eskom tariff application

6 March 2019

BUSA on Eskom technical task team

Busa’s Role

BUSA is committed to building an enabling environment to achieve a vibrant, diverse and globally competitive economy that harnesses the full economic and human potential of South Africa. The objectives of growth, transformation and employment are mutually reinforcing. They are captured in detail in the Business Approach to Black Economic Transformation for Inclusive Growth launched in June 2017.

How Busa works

BUSA structures its work through two policy committees.

All deliberation on policy is considered through the policy committees. This includes new and changing areas of policy and legislation. Both policy committees have a specific focus on transformation and small business. Each of the policy committees has subcommittees:

– Subcommittee on education & training

– Subcommittee on energy

– Subcommittee on tax

– Subcommittee on transport, trade & logistics

– Subcommittee on environment

The BUSA Policy Committees are the engine rooms for BUSA. This is where BUSA:

  • Keeps members updated on latest developments
  • Consolidates the input on various policy development processes
  • Identifies where further work is required
  • Mandates and finalises positions
  • Nominates and coordinates the participation of BUSA member representatives on various structures and processes

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